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Simulating Adult Use Retail License Caps & Market Outcomes in Rhode Island

Sep 27, 2022


Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab: Solving Cannabis Policy Questions with Data Science

The Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab is a joint database between CPPC’s quarterly Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey (RDCOS) outcomes and state cannabis policies, and policy-adjacent factors. Together, these data sets provide an avenue for the examination of cannabis policy impacts on important cannabis health and market outcomes. Examples of policies simulated in the Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab include, but is not limited to the following state-specific variables:

  • Overall jurisdiction (illegal, medical only, or medical & adult use)
  • Tax policies (e.g., cultivation excise tax, cannabis business tax, etc.)
  • Type of medical qualifying conditions by state
  • Cannabis dispensaries per capita and per geographic area
  • Driving under the influence laws
  • Presence of legal medical and adult use delivery
  • Duration of time (months) since implementation of medical cannabis laws and since implementation of adult use laws.

The Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab includes zip-code specific economic and socioeconomic data that is updated to control for community-level socioeconomic factors. Post-stratification weighting is leveraged using external population data on sociodemographic similar to those procedures discussed in Hammond et al., 2020.

View the simulation here.



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